40 Percent Lighter
2 Times Stronger
Every Board is Unique

The I-Series Impact

  • Stronger - 2x the strength of competitive options
  • Straighter - Rigid under foot at 16" O.C. means no bounce or sagging between joists
  • Prettier - Available in a wide range of earth-tone colors
  • Greater - Advanced geometric design for improved mechanical properties
  • Cooler - Improved heat dissipation
  • Lighter - Easy to handle and carry at 1.85 lbs per foot
  • Safer - Slip-and-splinter resistant
  • Cheaper - A cost-effective deck option without sacrificing performance
  • Smarter - The unique shape delivers enhanced ventilation for less debris build up between boards
  • Character - Natural hardwood look (repeated grain pattern is a thing of the past!)


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Tiger Cove Deck Board

Tiger Cove

Cape Town Grey Deck Board

Cape Town Grey

Caribbean Coral Deck Board

Caribbean Coral

Oasis Palm Deck Board

Oasis Palm

Tiger Cove
Cape Town Grey
Caribbean Coral
Oasis Palm
Tiger Cove Deck Scene Cape Town Grey Deck Scene Caribbean Coral Deck Scene Oasis Palm Deck Scene



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Grooved Infinity I-Series boards install with hidden clips beneath the deck surface. Square Infinity I-Series install with surface mounted color-match deck screws.

Grooved Profile

Grooved Board

Specs: 5.35" (136mm) x 1" (25mm) x 12'/16'/20' (366cm/488cm/610cm)

Grooved Board Profile

Starter Board Profile

Starter Board

Specs: 5.35" (136mm) x 1" (25mm) x 16' (488cm)

Starter Board Profile

Square Board Profile

Square Board

Specs: 5.5" (140mm) x 1" (25mm) x 20' (610cm)

Square Board Profile


Brushed surface fascia boards used for trim around decking and stair risers.

Fascia Board Profile

8" Fascia/Riser (203mm)

Specs: .65" (17mm) x 7.25" (184mm) x 12' (366cm)

12" Fascia (305mm)

Specs: .75" (19mm) x 11.75" (298mm) x 12' (366cm)

8" Fascia Board Profile

12" Fascia Board Profile


Post Sleeve

Post Sleeve

Specs: 5" (127mm) x 5" (127mm) x 40"/120" (1016mm/3048mm)
Post cap and post base are sold separately and fit a 5" Post Sleeve.

Post Sleeve

Modern Rail

Modern Rail

Specs: 1.5" (38mm) x 3.5" (89mm) x 96" (2438mm)

Modern Rail

Fortress Building Products I-Series installation

Fortress Building Products I-Series Decking Installation Instructions Video

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