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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Installing a Privacy Fence: Choosing to DIY or Hire a Contractor

To DIY or not to DIY – is the question many find themselves asking when considering the best way to install a new privacy fence. Putting up a privacy fence is a great way to make your space a worry-free oasis by keeping the yard protected from the prying eyes of passing onlookers, especially if you are on a busy street or in an exposed location. While some would rather leave this project to a professional, there is also something to be said about the pride and accomplishment that comes with taking a hands-on approach. If this is the case for you – kudos! That said, going this route doesn’t come without its own set of challenges.

Before you commit to installing a new privacy fence on your own, here are a few important things to consider about the process.

Installing a privacy fence will take:

Time and effort

When opting for the do-it-yourself method, you will save money upfront by only paying for materials. However, cost is not the only consideration. It’s equally important to evaluate how much time you are willing to spend on putting up a privacy fence. Time is valuable, and new DIYers frequently underestimate the amount of time a project like this will take them.

Familiarity with the terrain

The less experienced you are with building, digging and other tasks involved in installing a privacy fence, the more hiccups you may face along the way. To see if the DIY approach is right, try asking yourself a few questions such as: Do you know how to handle soil challenges such as rocky or uneven ground? How big is your property? Do you know where wires and underground utilities are? And do you know your local codes and ordinances? Ideally, you’ll want to answer these terrain-related questions upfront so as to not run into any unforeseen variables along the way. In contrast, a professional fence installer will know how to handle any unexpected challenges and difficult terrain with efficiency.

The DIY approach comes with intermediary options

Of course, for those who are not familiar with how to install a privacy fence, the DIY approach can seem like a monumental challenge— but it doesn’t have to be. With innovative manufacturers like Fortress Building Products offering composite fencing products such as Evolver, homeowners can purchase a fencing solution equipped with pre-packaged, pre-cut sets and parts that slide right into place. Additionally, side rail supports are supplied in several lengths, that can be cut to size to accommodate the changing levels in your terrain and can even be stacked on top of each other. All of this plus a comprehensive installation guide that walks you through the ins and outs of post spacing can help to provide even the most inexperienced DIYer with a hassle-free assembly.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a little help

The DIY approach isn’t all or nothing. In fact, you can stay involved with the building process and get customized results by working closely with a contractor. Opting for professional support is a good way to keep your projects moving and get answers to some of your most challenging fencing questions. Plus, you can easily find fencing experts near you using Fortress’ Find a Contractor locator. However, if you’ve already decided on building the privacy fence by yourself, consulting with a dealer can be another useful option. These professionals have a lot of insight when it comes to material choices that provide maximum privacy and the best way to install.  Try using Fortress’ Where to Buy feature to find a local dealer that’s ready to lend a hand.

For more help, look to Fortress’ selection of fencing installation guides.

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