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Evolution Framing Key Features

Key Features

EASY TO INSTALL | If you know how to frame with wood, you can frame with Evolution.

STRAIGHT, UNIFORM PIECES | Builds flat, stays flat!

GREATER SPANS | Fewer posts for less obstructed views.

COMPATIBILITY | Works with any type or brand of decking.

BEAUTIFUL | The premium Black Sand powder coat provides a pleasing look that virtually disappears.

CLASS-A FIRE RATING | A noncombustible material that’s resistant to fire and meets the requirements for use in all Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) zones.

PROTECTED | Invulnerable to rotting, warping, splitting and insect damage

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S-Ledger 12" (305mm) OC / 16" (406mm) OC

12' - 144" (3658mm)
20' - 240" (6096mm)

Evolution’s S-Ledger is an engineered interlocking design with the Ledger Bracket that eliminates the need for excessive fasteners and drastically speeds up installation. The “S” shape provides a sturdy, safe deck connection that will offer peace of mind for decades. The S-Ledger is available with pre-punched, standard spacing options that simplify deck construction.

Blank S-Ledger

12' - 144" (3658mm)
20' - 240" (6096mm)

Evolution's Blank S-Ledger is designed to work with custom, non-standard joist spacing. The Blank S-Ledger can also be used around bay windows and other angled ledger attachments.

Ledger Bracket

Used with the S-Ledger and joist or fastened to a flush beam.

16 Gauge 2x6 Joist (G60 Galvanized & Black Sand Powder Coated)

12' - 144" (3658mm)
14' - 168" (4267mm)
16' - 192" (4877mm)
18' - 216" (5486mm)
20' - 240" (6096mm)

Evolution’s Joists are a familiar shape that install quickly and easily with minimal fasteners. The steel joists will hold their shape, providing a perfectly flat deck surface that will not sag or warp over the life of your deck.

Joist Cap

Covers open joist to provide clean, finished look and deter pests and animals.

Visit the Sales Sheet for more details as well as custom options.

Rim Joist 12" (305mm) OC / 16" (406mm) OC (for use with fascia only)

8' - 96" (2438mm)

Evolution’s Rim Joist incorporates the same pre-punched and non-punched system as the S-Ledger for consistent, quicker installation without the hassle. Evolution’s Rim Joists provide a solution for any installation application, including an option for curved decks. The Rim Joist attaches to the Joist with minimal fasteners and provides a perfectly flat surface to attach trim or fascia.

Blank Rim Joist (for use with or without fascia)

8' - 96" (2438mm)

Curved Rim Joist

8' - 96" (2438mm)

Rim Joist Bracket (for use with the curved rim joist only)

Visit the Sales Sheet for more details as well as custom options.


10' - 120" (3048mm)

Evolution’s steel post and brackets provide the perfect solution to support your deck. The black powder coated posts look great on their own or can be customized with the trim of your choice.

Post / Pier Bracket - 3.5" (89mm)

Secures post to concrete landing or pier.

Single Beam / Post Bracket

Used to secure post to single beam.

Double Beam / Post Bracket

Used to secure post to double beam.

2x11 Beam

8' - 96" (2438mm)
12' - 144" (3658mm)
16' - 192" (4877mm)
20' - 240" (6096mm)

Evolution’s Beam has been engineered to achieve longer spans between supports, eliminating excessive posts and obstructed views.

Double Beam Track

4' - 48" (1219mm)

Beam Cap

Covers open beams to provide clean, finished look and deter pests and animals.

Visit the Sales Sheet for more details as well as custom options.

F-50 Bracket

Used with S-Ledger, joist, and blocking as well as many other applications.

F-10 Bracket

Used to secure joist to a drop beam when non-standard spacing is required and as a cap on the bottom of the S-Ledger.

45º Bracket

Used with the Blank S-Ledger when joist extends at an angle.

Single Hanger Bracket

Used to secure joist to flush beam applications.

Double Hanger Bracket

Used to secure double joist or create a double (2"x6") carry beam.

Blocking 12" (305mm) OC / 16" (406mm) OC

Manufactured to match the same spacing as the S-Ledger for easy blocking of the joist on a dropped beam.

Mid-Span Strap 12" (305mm) OC / 16" (406mm) OC

Manufactured to match the same spacing as the S-Ledger for easy mid-span blocking applications.

Self-Drilling Screw 3/4" (19mm)

Black self-drilling metal screw.

Black Sand Aerosol Touch Up Paint

Visit the Sales Sheet for more details as well as custom options.

Black Sand

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