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Friday, July 22, 2022

Modern Building Products for Outdoor Kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it’s no surprise that demand for outdoor kitchens is on the rise. Fortunately, modern decking solutions can enhance cooking and entertaining capacity, making it easier than ever to incorporate outdoor kitchens as flex spaces that blur the line between indoor and outdoor living.

Integrating an outdoor kitchen into the layout of your deck is a surefire way to increase quality time with family and friends while enjoying the savory aroma of food fresh off the grill. Before getting started on this major project, it is important to carefully consider your decking and framing materials to ensure a modern deck that provides both style and safety.

Handle heavier decks with steel framing

Safety should be a top priority for your modern deck—especially considering the added weight of an outdoor kitchen. Think of framing as the skeleton of your deck, providing the essential structure and foundation for your al fresco oasis. Utilizing steel deck framing guarantees a lasting outdoor dining space with top-notch fire safety and load ratings. Steel deck framing sidelines issues of rotting, warping, insect damage and premature deck failure that are common with wood deck framing. This added strength and durability is critical when entertaining a large number of guests or installing heavy outdoor kitchen appliances.

close up image of composite deck boards laid across steel framinglooking down through steel deck framing

A modern deck needs modern railing

Tap into the full potential of your modern deck with the long-lasting beauty and narrow profile of steel railing. Select steel railing systems are dressed in a corrosion-resistant coating that helps ensure minimal maintenance and long-lasting beauty. With endless possibilities for customization, including flat accent top rails, also known as drink rails, homeowners can create the perfect place to sip a drink or lean into conversation with dinner guests.

elevated deck is supported by steel deck framing and steel railing

Create a room-like feel on your modern deck with a steel pergola

Steel pergolas can define an outdoor kitchen and entertainment space, offering durable shelter and a contemporary aesthetic with minimal maintenance. With virtually limitless design options, these sleek outdoor structures can be easily customized to accommodate different kitchen layouts and amenities, including expansive countertops, large outdoor dining tables, a professional grill or a complete bar to make entertaining easier than ever. Plus, because steel is a noncombustible building material, steel pergolas are the ideal spot for outdoor cooking—sidelining the risk of a stray spark or hot coals from a barbecue damaging the structure.

Extending your home’s usable space with a modern deck design

Incorporating a kitchen into the layout of your modern deck is the perfect way to enjoy priceless time with friends and family while savoring a home-cooked meal. The trend of alfresco kitchens is one that you and your guests will thoroughly enjoy for years to come.

When designing your outdoor kitchen, it is important to choose the right building materials and outdoor living products. Fortress Building Products offers proven wood-alternative solutions that give you the confidence to create an outdoor kitchen that performs as a natural extension of your home.



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