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Friday, November 17, 2023

Light Up Your Balcony: Creative Lighting Ideas for Balcony Railings

Think of outdoor lighting as your secret weapon. The right lighting scheme can take any outdoor space from mundane to magical, transforming a suburban backyard or deck into a year-round, hotel-like destination. Strategically placed outdoor lights not only create warm ambiance but also ensure the safety of family and friends, guiding footsteps and lighting up potential tripping hazards.

Transforming your outdoor living space doesn’t have to happen all at once. Tackle one small “zone” or outdoor structure at a time. We recommend focusing your attention on balcony railings. Doing so will likely have the biggest visual impact and will also make it possible to safely navigate your balcony in the dark. Let us shine a light (we couldn’t resist the pun) on balcony railing lighting ideas that will extend your home’s usable space outdoors.

Attach post lights to balcony railing to light up the surface area

Direct light across the surface of your balcony with vertical post lights, which are installed on the railing post itself. These lighting fixtures feature a small, unobtrusive light casing, and they point light down at the ground. This creates a light source that’s great for illuminating highly trafficked areas that may pose a tripping hazard, like the balcony stairs. For additional design flexibility, vertical railing post lights can be installed up high on a post to illuminate a larger surface area or down low to restrict light to a concentrated area.

For those who’d like to prioritize environmentally friendly outdoor design choices, Fortress Building Products’ vertical balcony railing post lights contain a long-lasting waterproof LED that uses 90 percent less energy than a traditional incandescent fixture.

Define the perimeter of your balcony with stylish post caps

Most outdoor living experts agree that using a combination of various types of lighting fixtures will give the best overall result. So, consider pairing vertical balcony railing post lights with post caps. Whether you install these light fixtures underneath the rim of the post cap or wrap them around the sides of the post cap, they will cast a soft glow, drawing you outdoors to enjoy the balcony after dark. They also increase the safety factor of your outdoor experience by clearly defining the perimeter of your balcony.

Fortress Building Products offers an integrated line of stylish balcony railing post caps that are easy to install. A modular system, our innovative design features allow lit and non-lit post caps to be used interchangeably to accomplish different lighting goals or add visual interest.

Deck post lights on exterior balcony railings creating light for the outdoor deck space.

Get creative with portable lanterns, playful string lights

Balcony railing lighting doesn’t necessarily need to be a permanent fixture to be effective—you’re allowed to have some fun with your outdoor living space! Hosting family and friends for dinner and a night underneath the stars? Set the mood by lining modern farmhouse-inspired lanterns (you can picture the Magnolia-style lanterns we’re talking about). They’re inexpensive and portable.

Another playful idea? String lights or “fairy lights” shouldn’t be restricted to the holiday season or kids’ room décor. Wrap string lights (we recommend white lights for a more elegant look) around balcony railings to enclose your outdoor living space with a merry, festive glow.

Look to the outdoor building product experts

When planning balcony railing lighting placement, a little help from the experts never hurt anyone. Fortress Building Products can help. We offer a complete line of post caps, base covers and LED lighting accessories designed for easy integration with your new or existing railing system. Keep in mind, choosing the same company for both your lighting fixtures and balcony railing will make the installation process much easier. Consider pairing your choice lighting fixture with our industry-leading Fe²⁶ steel railing system, which will add sought-after weatherability and a lasting stylish aesthetic to your balcony for year-round use.


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