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Thursday, March 28, 2024

Benefits of High-Security Fencing for Businesses and Organizations

According to a 2023 U.S. Chamber of Commerce survey, an alarming 56 percent of small businesses reported theft, with 53 percent saying the problem has worsened over the last several years. This is a serious point of concern for businesses around the country, not only in the context of profitability but also in the risk posed to the safety of employees and customers or visitors. The stakes are just as high when it comes to larger commercial applications, from office complexes to manufacturing facilities to data centers.

To help deter and even prevent incidents that impact businesses large and small, prioritizing physical perimeter security is key. Naturally, “What is the best high-security fence?” is one of the first questions that building owners and property managers ask.

Transcend the limitations of old school offerings with steel

In the past, chain-link fences have been a popular choice because of their affordability and ease of installation. But here’s the thing— they are typically not the best option against determined intruders. Not to mention, they give off an overly industrial look that doesn’t offer much in the way of elevating curb appeal.

Enter a high-security fence made of steel. Leveraging steel’s proven performance, these access control solutions offer a long-term solution to better protect building properties. The many benefits of high-security fencing lie in the material it is made from, the way those materials are assembled and the specific design feature it offers. Keep reading to know them.

Visual deterrent fence protects valuable assets

High-security fences, when made from uncompromising materials like steel, are robust in weight and physical appearance. High-security steel fences that appear more difficult to damage, scale or otherwise bypass can halt intruders before their first attempt. Steel fences that have their vertical and horizontal components integrated or hide their fastening systems appear more difficult to cut through or remove sections of the fence. When the vertical pales are tightly spaced, they further underscore a fence’s robustness. Additionally, high-security steel fences that sport visible anti-climb features like outward curved pales and horizontal rails designed to deny foot- and handholds can help deter any would-be trespassers.

Modern steel high-security fencing surrounding a business office complex, enhancing safety and aesthetics.

Rails that can accommodate monitoring systems

When it comes to securing properties, the right high-security steel fence provides more than just physical protection. In addition to options that can withstand brute force and more dexterous forms of trespass, systems that are compatible with data and communication cables (IDS) can support a more secure perimeter. This feature allows the placement and protection of various monitoring systems, from CCTVs to motion sensor alarms, to alert security personnel of perimeter breaches in real-time.

When included as a part of a robust and anti-climb fencing solution, monitoring systems can help deter and deny intruders before they even manage to pass the fence line. In addition, CCTV monitoring systems can record the faces and physical details of intruders to alert guards and employees of high-risk individuals and perimeter breaches in real-time.

The first impression counts

For businesses and organizations, fences are not just the first line of defense. They are also a representation of their brand value and reputation and are often responsible for leaving a positive first impression on visitors, clients and employees. Chain link fencing and razor wire can give off a cold and unwelcoming vibe. But sleek high-security steel fences can support a high-end, modern look. After all, premium strength and security does not need to come at the cost of overall attractiveness.

High-security steel fences can be coated in a weather- and UV-resistant powder coat that not only helps prevent corrosion to ensure the structural integrity of the system year after year but also resists fading to keep the perimeter protected and beautiful.

Durable high-security steel fencing at an airport, safeguarding against unauthorized access with a view of the control tower.

The best high-security fence secures a business like a fortress

So, what is the best high-security fencing? The answer is clear—one made from steel. Investing in a proven high-security steel fence like ARES™ from Fortress Building Products will help deter and deny intrusion to prevent theft and protect employees and customers or building visitors. Learn more about ARES™.  


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