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Composite & Aluminum Deck Build | Fortress Railing Case Study Case Study

Sweet as a Peach: Composite and Aluminum Support Georgia Deck Build

Fortress® Railing Case Study

Project Details

Property: Residential

Location: Atlanta, GA

Contractor: Brawner Renovations

Products: Infinity® I-Series Composite Decking and Al13 HOME™ Aluminum Railing

With over 50 years of combined experience, Brawner Renovations understands the importance of a complete decking system that can defy Georgia’s extreme temperatures and humidity. This is why owner and Fortress® Preferred Contractor Wesley Brawner chooses long-lasting materials that fuse form and function for each project. He also recognizes that building systems should be easy-to-install and work together to create stunning decks.

This knowledge helped guide Brawner Renovations when the Barr family commissioned them to build a 500 sq. ft. deck with unobstructed views of the downtown Atlanta skyline. Wesley and team knew that Fortress® decking could withstand Georgia’s weather and that Fortress® railing would provide minimal sightlines, keeping the cityscape center stage. They also understood both systems would work together in harmony to bring their customer’s dream outdoor living scenario from concept to reality.

Composite decking adds convenience from install to upkeep

During the build, the Infinity I-series capped bamboo-plastic composite from Fortress Building Products not only made a faster build for Brawner Renovations but also a more durable finished product. Wesley explains that Fortress decking, despite its strength and rigidity, “is easy to maneuver, cuts very nicely and lays quickly.” After installation, this strength and rigidity promises a deck that will stay structurally sound and beautiful, being backed by both a 30-year manufacturer warranty and Brawner Renovation’s own 5-year workmanship warranty.

Unlike traditional wood decking, bamboo-based composite deck boards are virtually maintenance free and can last several decades. Not only does this mean the deck Wesley and his crew built will last through the hot and humid Georgia summers without rotting and warping but also that the homeowners can spend more time enjoying their deck and less time on upkeep over a significantly longer lifetime. All in all, composite decking both satisfied the Brawner team with easy installation and promised a long-lasting deck for the Barr family.

Aluminum railing’s narrow profiles preserve the views of downtown Atlanta

After installing the deck boards, Wesley and his crew turned to railing to finish the project. The customer had asked Brawner Renovations for a railing system that preserved the home’s amazing view of the Atlanta skyline. Aluminum deck railing from Fortress Building Products did just that.

Offering slimmer, more minimal lines than either traditional wood or vinyl deck railing, Al¹³ HOME™ residential aluminum railing serves as a safety barrier that does not overpower the home’s other design elements or the deck’s views. With other materials, bulkier construction provides necessary strength but also obstructs the views. On the other hand, Fortress railing’s narrow profiles fade into the scenery while providing the strength and durability of larger rails.

Backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, they are also incredibly strong and durable, so the sleek rails will continue to look beautiful over the deck’s lifetime. According to Wesley, they are, “the true pioneer in aluminum railing.” He further elaborates that he has used the Al¹³ HOME™ railing system for many years and that his crews love the easy connections for installation.

Additionally, Fortress railing sports an advanced coat that resists corrosion. Wesley and his team can rest easy knowing this aluminum railing system will stand up to tough weather with little upkeep required from the Barr family. But the coating does more than support the railing’s durability. Because the rails were coated with a Black Sand finish designed to defy the elements, their clean and subtle lines fade into the gorgeous Atlanta, Georgia views, highlighting the city in the distance.

The Total Solution ties it all together

The railing and deck systems are a part of Fortress Building Products’ Total Solution approach, so they work together for cohesive design aesthetic that is simple and elegant. But the harmony of the matching Fortress products did more than just create a great looking deck. The Total Solution approach satisfied both the customer’s and Brawner’s needs.

The durable bamboo-based composite decking cut and lay nicely for a no hassle install, and the aluminum railing’s adjustability tied the deck together with ease. Both products were designed to withstand extreme weather, so the Barr family deck will last through many hot and humid Georgia summers without rotting, warping, sagging or deteriorating. These products come together to create an outdoor living space that is both beautiful and durable.

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