Rise Above
The Trees.

Knock On Wood

With lumber's recent headaches, it's time to look beyond wood. Discover products that are stronger, more durable, and practically maintenance-free. It's not a knock on wood, it's an opportunity to upgrade your lifestyle.


Why build a 25-year deck on a wood frame that rots?


Get the look of wood with the durability of composite.


Premium wood-emulating aesthetics that fight moisture and UV damage.


Upgrade from wood railings and avoid the rising costs and limited availability of lumber.


Protect your perimeter with wood-alternative materials like composite, aluminum and steel.


Coming in 2021

When it comes to performance, wood is no good.

Compare wood to composite, aluminum or steel, and it just can’t stack up. Build smarter with products that have been engineered to stand up against the elements and require virtually no maintenance.

Composite Aluminum Steel Wood
Easy to install check check check check
No sanding, staining or sealing required check check check check
UV & Fade Resistant check check check check
Fights rot, mold & moisture check check check check
Fire & insect resistant check check check check
Sustainable check check check check
Warranties check check check check

Investment over time

It's assumed that lumber is the most economic choice. But when you look at your investment over the long term, composite decking, cladding and steel railing is the smarter choice.



Price per sq. foot check check check check check check
Maintenance cost check check check check check
Maintenance Time time time time time time time
Lifetime before replacement 25-30 years Lifetime 25 years 5-10 years
Warranty 25-30 years Lifetime 25 years None

The Word On The Street

Need more convincing?
Don't just take our word for it. Hear from some of our happy customers and partners.

“I was at Home Depot this week and OSB was $48 per sheet when it had been under $10 a year and a half ago. A 2x12x16 pressure-treated board was $77. This is unheard of. We are so glad we are doing steel framing as the lumber shortage is not as bad, just the high prices are killing builders. Thank God we install steel.”
Philip Purdy, StoneCroft Construction, LLC

$800 worth of lumber in 2018

$800 worth of lumber in 2021


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