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Course Overview

The course, “Form, function & safety: Multitasking steel deck framing rises to the demands of modern outdoor living,” meets the standards required by AIA for Health Safety and Welfare designation. It will closely examine how steel deck framing can support larger loads without risk of premature failure. This increases occupant capacity on commercial decks, providing a sizeable space to safely accommodate social interactions to promote occupant welfare and health. It will also analyze how the noncombustible material meets stringent fire codes for increased physical safety and longevity. Further addressing structural integrity, the course will overview how steel’s premium yield strength and durability provides long-term structural integrity, which ensures occupant physical safety year in and year out. This includes protection from tangible threats like rot, decay, insect damage and fungal growth, the ability to withstand storm and high wind damage as well as warping from extreme changes in temperature. Additionally, it will overview how steel framed decks use fewer materials than traditionally framed decks of comparable sizes, to support more sustainable builds. This is bolstered by the material’s ability to reduce the amount of landfill-bound scrap (since steel is fully recyclable) at a project’s completion. And with upkeep that has a low environmental impact, steel deck framing reduces damage to neighboring ecosystems, all of which benefits the environment.

Credits: 1.0 LU Hour

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the performance benefits
  • Solve for safety
  • Discover a sustainable solution
  • Support people and place



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