Be amazed by innovative steel pergolas from Fortress Building Products. Extend your outdoor living space while adding architectural interest. These highly customizable, attention-getting steel structures are the perfect way to add charm and comfort to a backyard gathering point. Create higher ambience and lower maintenance with the strength of steel that’s backed by our 25-year limited warranty.

The Total Solution in Steel Pergolas


  • Q: Is there required spacing for rafters or purlins?

    There is no required spacing for rafters or purlins. The most common spacing is going to be 12” On Center and 16” On Center but it is required. This can be changed based on customer’s desired aesthetics.

  • Q: Can I hang a swing from my pergola?

    Our pergolas are not tested for moving force, so we do not recommend it. You can have your own engineer certify the swing. Your engineer will need to consult local codes and might recommend burying posts in this application.

  • Q: Does the Evolution Steel Pergola come in other colors? Can I paint it a different color?

    Evolution Steel is currently only available in Black Sand. The Black Sand powder coat makes it low maintenance and resistant to the elements, so we do not recommend painting it.

  • Q: Can I use other products in addition to Evolution Steel?

    Yes! Our bracketry is compatible with wood and composites. The designs are limitless! We recommend using a 1” Panhead Wood Screw when connecting with wood which will need to be purchased separately.

  • Q: Does Fortress have requirements for footings or foundations?

    The installer must consult local building codes to determine the footing or foundation specification, as it varies so much by jurisdiction such as location, frost line, type of soil, etc. and there are just so many variables.

  • Q: How long will it take to install my pergola? How difficult is it to install?

    The installation time will vary depending on your pergola size and design. We recommend at least 3 people for building and to review the connection-based installation instructions on the website.  Regarding level of difficulty, our evolution steel pergola would be no different than a traditional wood pergola.

  • Q: Can I add a solid roof to my pergola?

    When adding any third-party attachments, you will need to work with your own engineer for approval. A solid roof can add additional weight load due to rain/snow or possible wind uplift to the pergola.  We are not liable for any third-party attachments and voids the product warranty.

  • Q: How big can I make my pergola?

    As big as you want! Just remember that our joists span 20’ and when connecting two joists there needs to be a post for support.

  • Q: Can I really span my joist 20’ with rafters without sagging?

    Yes! With 16” OC rafter, the 20’ joist has a deflection at the center of 1/16” at 20ft that would not be noticeable to the eye.

  • Q: Does my pergola need a permit?

    Check your local building codes. Some localities may require them. It is more common to require a permit for commercial applications, but size and location of the pergola will determine if one is needed.

  • Q: Do Evolution Steel Pergolas have wind ratings?

    We do not have a wind rating on our pergolas. Our pergolas are made from the same material as Evolution Steel Frame meaning they are much stronger than they need to be as decks are walked on. However, we cannot guarantee that there will not be damage from high winds, hurricanes, and storms.


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