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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

The Benefits of Aluminum Fencing for Your Property

For many, it’s hard to ignore the appeal of a rustic wood fence. The time-honored choice can help homeowners create a look that captures all the charm of a classic Americana farmhouse. But like all wood products in outdoor applications, wood fencing will eventually deteriorate after long-term exposure to the elements. The result is a short-lived fence on your property that is neither structurally safe nor attractive to look at.  

On the other hand, alternative options like aluminum fencing offer several distinct advantages over a standard wood fence, such as a no-fuss installation process, inherent resistance to the damaging effects of weathering and minimal maintenance requirements over its service life. These benefits can support a long-lasting fence that homeowners can use to enclose any type of property in security and style.

Aluminum fencing comes in pre-assembled, lightweight panels for easy DIY installation

The yard or acreage beyond the edge of your deck might be your sanctuary to relax and decompress after a long day. Hiring contractors to install a new fence can disrupt your solitude for multiple days depending on the scale of your project. As such, fencing that supports a straightforward, DIY-friendly installation process may be an enticing choice. Select aluminum fencing systems are available in pre-assembled, lightweight panels that ease the physical task of installation. Likewise, select manufacturers have developed comprehensive systems with pre-punched corner, end and line posts to further sideline any potential frustrations during installation.

Don’t worry—for homeowners who would prefer to leave installation to the pros (we don’t hold that against you), Fortress Building Products has a database of preferred contractors who are as reliable as the fences they install.

Black aluminum fencing behind a waterfall feature in a swimming pool.Aluminum fencing on the perimeter of a property with large trees lining the fence.

Aluminum fencing stands strong against the elements with minimal maintenance

Tough and durable, an aluminum fence will sidestep any issues associated with moisture absorption (like rust and rotting), one of the most common reasons a traditional wood fence will deteriorate over time. Further preserving the integrity of the fence, leading manufacturers will apply a powder-coated finish for enhanced corrosion resistance and UV protection. Because of its proven performance in nearly any type of weather, aluminum fencing is a forward-thinking option for coastal environments or regions that experience significant rain or snowfall.

What’s more, the resilient nature of aluminum fencing directly translates to its low-maintenance appeal. Forget about the materials needed to sand, stain or seal a wood panel. In contrast, traditional wood fencing typically requires seasonal upkeep, which means another weekend chore and another homeowner expense.

Rackable design allows the clean look of aluminum fencing on sloped ground

Take a close look at any property and you will be hard-pressed to find one with perfectly smooth or even ground. But this adds a layer of difficulty to the fence installation process. For example, a property with rolling hills and sloping terrain might require a step design, which either creates a gap at the bottom of the fence or an uneven top—both can be unsightly with certain fencing styles. Homeowners can avoid both of these outcomes with angled railing and individual pickets, but this workaround is both labor-intensive and time-consuming.

However, rackable design allows aluminum fencing to accommodate a property’s changing grades while maintaining an even top and bottom rail. Fences that are rackable also reduce the amount of planning and labor typically involved in installations on sloping or uneven terrain. Plus, fence panels that can adjust to terrain will not rub together, which creates metal fatigue and compromises the powder coating.

Black aluminum fencing enclosing a brick home with yellow porch.Side-view of black aluminum fencing meeting a brick home to enclose the backyard

Build without barriers

For proven performance and smarter solutions, enclose your property with an aluminum fence from Fortress Building Products. Industry-leading options, like our Athens™ Residential aluminum fencing, include a limited lifetime warranty to give homeowners peace of mind that their choice of fencing will be a long-lasting solution in nearly any type of environment.   


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