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Friday, June 7, 2024

Enhance Outdoor Safety with Deck Post Lights

Summer is just around the corner, which means that it’s almost prime outdoor living season. Homeowners are gearing up for barbeques, poolside birthday parties, happy hours on deck and all sorts of outdoor activities. To create the perfect outdoor living experience that lasts all day and extends into the evening hours, outdoor lighting is key. Strategically placed deck post lights are a great option to illuminate outdoor spaces and keep the good times rolling.

Deck post lights not only help create a warm and inviting ambiance but also enhance a person’s visibility, lighting up potential tripped hazards and marking the perimeter of a deck. In turn, homeowners can safely navigate a deck after the sun sets. Here’s a closer look at how to implement deck post lighting for a safer outdoor experience.

Light up an outdoor space with deck post lights

Experts find that high-traffic areas on decks, such as the floor space near doors and around outdoor furniture pieces, pose major collision risks if not properly lit. To avoid that, add vertical deck post lights directly on the railing posts. These lighting fixtures feature a small, unobtrusive light casing that throws light down on the ground, making it easier for people to see where they’re going in the dark. To illuminate a larger surface area, deck post lights can be installed higher up on the post. Or place deck post lights closer to the ground to cast a warm glow over a concentrated area.

For homeowners who’d like to prioritize environmentally friendly deck lighting accessories, Fortress Building Products’ vertical railing post lights contain a long-lasting waterproof LED that uses 90 percent less energy than a traditional incandescent fixture.

Modern deck post lights installed on railing, enhancing outdoor safety and visibility.White railing deck with integrated post lights illuminating wooden deck floor.

Add post caps to illuminate the deck’s perimeter

When it comes to enhancing outdoor safety, defining the perimeter of the deck is critical. That’s where post cap lighting can come in handy. These add-on lighting accessories can be installed underneath the rim of a post cap or wrapped around the sides of the post cap, creating a well-defined and stylish perimeter border. What’s great about this option is their ability to cast a soft, downward glow, which helps improve visibility without blinding deck users.

To add a playful touch, consider alternating between lit and non-lit post caps on railing posts. This adds warmth and visual interest to an outdoor space without “overdoing it” on the lighting game. After all, sometimes less is more.

Spacious outdoor deck at night lit by post cap lights.

Surface mount lights for an overall safer outdoor experience

Many of today’s homeowners are commissioning larger, multi-level deck structures (because why not?). Naturally, lighting up the deck stairs has to be a priority. Surface mount lights or LED universal lights can be installed along the stair railing or directly on the stair tread itself. Because these lighting accessories create a sense of depth in a step’s drop, they allow deck users to confidently walk up and down the stairs without missing a step. Plus, their low-lying location ensures it will not blind those going up the stairs.

Let there be light

Looking to enhance a deck’s safety factor? Fortress Building Products offers a complete line of post caps, base covers and LED lighting accessories designed for easy integration with new or existing railing systems. Consider pairing the deck lighting accessories with our proven steel and aluminum railing systems, which will add a lasting stylish aesthetic to an outdoor living space for year-round use.


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