All Decked Out

Looking for a simple solution for building your ideal backyard space? Fortress® has the complete package.

Our deck kits give you the steel framing, decking, railing and stairs you need for a beautiful deck in one complete combo. Since everything comes together in a kit, installation is easier than ever.

Customizable options give you the flexibility to make your deck uniquely yours. Plus, your deck will be supported by the strength of steel, giving you a low-maintenance, high-performance deck that stands up to the elements and is built to last.

Ready for the deck of your dreams? Configure your kit to get started.

Deck Kits Key Features

Key Features

  • Builds a 12' x 12' deck
  • Designed for low-maintenance & durability
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Never sand, stain or strain again
  • Customizable for your space
  • Covered by comprehensive warranties
All-in-one deck system Durable Steel Framing Customizable with options Easy installation
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12' x 12'

Deck kits freestanding framing without stairs Deck kits freestanding framing with stairs Deck kits attached framing without stairs Deck kits attached framing with stairs

Our Evolution steel deck framing provides the complete package of components required to build a 12' x 12' steel deck frame.

Choose a free-standing configuration or an attached-deck option for when tying your deck structure to the house. We can help you achieve your desired goals based on your installation scenario. Plus, you can rest easy knowing our steel framing carries a 25-year limited manufacturer warranty.

The Evolution steel deck stair system is designed for low maintenance, durability, ease of installation and safety. Plus, you can cut down on the number of stair stringers required, as this system’s innovative tray allows you to span 48” between stringers.

The 1st complete steel stair system in deck framing, Evolution is covered by a 25-year limited manufacturer warranty and works with any type or brand of decking.

12' x 12'

Freestanding Apex Decking with Al13 PLUS Aluminum Railing Freestanding Infinity I-Series Decking with Fe26 Steel Railing Attached Apex Decking with Al13 PLUS Aluminum Railing Attached Infinity I-Series Decking with Fe26 Steel Railing

Apex Colors

Alaskan Driftwood Arctic Birch Himalayan Ceder Brazilian Teak

I-Series Colors

Cape Town Grey Caribbean Coral Oasis Palm Tiger Cove


  • Apex® capped bamboo-PVC composite is resilient against the elements, each board is encapsulated in an acrylic polymer for ultimate protection.
  • Infinity® I-Series capped bamboo-plastic composite delivers strength, usability and beauty in a cost-effective package.


  • Fe26 steel railing boasts pre-welded panels and FortressShield-coated steel to give you a resilient railing in a high-performance, low-maintenance package.
  • Al13 PLUS aluminum railing offers a patented simplified bracket system to reduce install time and a limited lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind.

12' x 12'

deck with short staircase deck with long staircase
3 step staircase 5 step staircase 7 step staircase 10 step staircase

With rise option ranging from 28" to over 80" (deck surface to landing), one of our four stair options (or no stair option) will accommodate your specific project.

Of course you can always choose "no stair option" if your deck configuration requires none.

Resources & Downloads

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Installing Fortress® products correctly will ensure that you or your customers start off on the right foot. Download our comprehensive, step-by-step guides as a jumping-off point.

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