Elevating Steel

"You build a deck on steel, and you're building a deck that's going to stay flat during its lifetime"

— Blake Carter, owner of California Deck Pro's

Blake Carter

No Special tools

"Once you try it, you can find out that it's in a lot of ways easier than wood."

— Scott Kelley, owner of Precision Construction

Scott Kelley
Mike Scott

The Best Solution

"We really wanted to make sure once we made that transition, that it was a smooth transition both for us and it was the best solution for our clients."

- Mike Scott, owner of Simcoe Decks

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Wood Framing

Wood Framing Features
  1. Ledger Board
  2. Joist Hanger
  3. Wood Joist (2"x8", 10", 12")
  4. Joist Hanger/L-Bracket
  5. Mid Span Blocking
  6. Double or LVL Beam (2"x12")
  1. Post Cap for Beam Bracket
  2. Wood Post (4”x4”)
  3. Hurricane Tie
  4. Post Base Standoff
  5. Joist Hanger
  6. Rim Board

#1 Steel Deck Framing System

Steel Framing Features
  1. S-Ledger (pre-spaced 12" & 16" O.C.)
  2. Ledger Bracket
  3. Joist (2"x6")
  4. F50 Bracket
  5. Strap (mid-span blocking)
  6. Beam (2"x11")
  7. Beam Cap
  1. Post to Beam Bracket
  2. Post (3½"x3½"x10')
  3. Blocking (12" & 16" O.C.)
  4. Post to Pier Bracket
  5. Single Hanger Brackets
  6. Rim Joist (pre-spaced 12" & 16" O.C.)

If you're used to building with wood, you can build with steel. Familiarize yourself with each of these systems' building components below.


Wood Deck

Evolution Steel
Deck Framing

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Straight Uniform Pieces

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Fire- and Insect-Resistant

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Class-A Fire Rating (WUI)

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