Time saving installation
Resists rust and corrosion
Pre-welded panels
Fe26 Key Features

Key Features & Benefits

EASY INSTALLATION | Our pre-welded panel and bracket system cuts installation nearly in half, saving you time and money.

LOW MAINTENANCE | FortressShield technology with an added layer of anti-corrosion protection and finished with a premium powder coat for superior corrosion resistance. You can rest assured that your investment remains looking great for years to come.

SAFE & CODE COMPLIANT | Our structural steel is code tested and approved for commercial applications and provides an exceptionally durable and safe barrier to your outdoor space.

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Fortress Railing Benefits
Fortress Railing Benefits

Fe26 PLUS 6' Traditional Infill - 69.5" (1765mm)

34" (864mm)
40" (1016mm)

Fe26 PLUS 8' Traditional Infill - 93.5" (2375mm)

34" (864mm)
40" (1016mm)

Fe26 6' Traditional Adjustable Infill (Stair) - 72" (1829mm)

34" (864mm)
40" (1016mm)

Fe26 8' Traditional Adjustable Infill (Stair) - 93.5" (2375mm)

34" (864mm)
40" (1016mm)

Fe26 Post with Base & Base Cover - 3” (76mm)

39.5" (1003mm)
45.5" (1156mm)
55" (1397mm)

Fe26 Post for Fascia Mount Brackets - 3” (76mm)

49" (1245mm)
55" (1397mm)

Fe26 ADJ Stair Stringer Post - 3" (76mm)

49" (1245mm)

Stair Stringer Posts can be used with any of FBP's level or adjustable steel railing panels when used in conjunction with c-channel stair stringers. No welding required.

Fe26 Collar Bracket (CB) (Bag 4) 05 - 1.25” (32mm)

Level Applications

Fe26 Collar Bracket (CBS-ADJ) 05 - 1.25” (32mm)

Angle/Miter applications

Fe26 Collar Bracket (CB-ADJ) 05 - 1.25” (32mm)

Stair applications

Fe26 Universal Bracket (UB) (BAG 4) 05 - 1.25” (32mm)

Level Applications

Fe26 Universal Bracket (UB) (BAG 4) 06 - 1.5” (38mm)

Use when installing Accent Top Panels

Fe26 Universal Bracket Angle Adapter (UB-05, ANG) (Bag 4) - 1.25” (32mm)

Used with UB for Angle/Miter or Stair applications

Fe26 Simplified Stair Bracket - (SSB-05, Bag 4) - 1.25” (32mm)

Each bag contains 4 brackets of different shapes. When used in proper positions, the stair panel will have equal length top and bottom rails. See instructions.

Fascia Mount Bracket - Straight (with Hex Head Bolt Cover)

Fascia Mount Bracket - Outside Corner (With Hex Head Bolt Cover)

Fascia Mount Bracket - Inside Corner (With Hex Head Bolt Cover)

Fe26 PLUS Cap Rail Clip - 1.25" (32mm)

Used to attach a wood, vinyl or composite rail to the top of your panel.


Used for extra support under a Railing panel

Fe26 PLUS 8' Ring Top Accent Top Panel - 93.5" (2375mm)

Fe26 PLUS 8' 3 Rail Accent Top Panel - 93.5" (2375mm)

Fe26 Ball Cap - 3” (76mm)

Fe26 Post Anchor Base Plate - 5.25” (133mm)

For 3" Posts

Aerosol Touch Up Paint (6 oz)

Touch Up Paint Pen

Fe26 PLUS Gate 40"

Height x Width:
40" (1016mm) x 33" (838mm)
Fit standard 36" opening

Premium Finish

Fortress Fe26 PLUS commercial steel railing is available in two premium textured finishes. These finishes offer more than just style—they are also engineered to withstand the elements.

Gloss Black

Black Sand

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