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Course Overview

This course will examine how commercial fencing systems designed for commercial, security and industrial applications have evolved to address safety concerns associated with traditional chain-link fencing. Identify which fence materials and system components are integral to bringing strength and longevity to such applications, protecting occupants of the built environment, as well as physical property and sensitive data. Explain how modern commercial fencing systems combine critical safety and security functions with a beautiful aesthetic to demonstrate a strong brand reputation to the public. Specify formal high-security fencing solutions for real-world applications, including military bases, federal government buildings, correctional and mental health facilities, airports, data centers and power stations, to protect the physical and emotional well-being of building occupants and users.

Credits: 1.0 LU Hour

Learning Objectives

  • Know the history
  • Solve for safety
  • Understand form & function
  • Specify commercial, industrial and high-security fencing solutions for real-world applications



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